The New Mexico Regional Monthly Points Leaders Tournament for November will be
held at Ned's Bar and Grill on Saturday, January 31st at 2PM. Registration will begin at 1:00PM. We will be hosting the Monthly Points Leaders Tournament for the TOP 100 Point Leaders EVERY

Players will be awarded extra starting chips at the Monthly Tournaments based on the number of points earned for the month!



0-249 Points = 0 extra chips
250-499 Points = 500 extra chips
500-749 Points = 1000 extra chips
750-999 Points = 2000 extra chips
1000-1249 Points = 3000 extra chips
1250-1499 Points = 4000 extra chips
1500-1599 Points = 5000 extra chips
Once a player reaches 1600 Points they will receive 500 extra chips for every 100 Points earned!

In addition to the extra starting chips EVERY PLAYER will receive 1 chip for every point earned (rounded up to the nearest 25) For example: If you have 1840 Points for the month you will get 6500 extra chips for your Bonus Level Points and 1850 extra chips for your points! The original starting stack (before bonus chips) at the monthly tournaments will be 8000 chips.


We would like to THANK Ned's Bar and Grill for hosting this special event! We would also like to THANK ALL of our LOYAL Players for supporting your venues while you play and for helping make The Poker Pub the premiere FREE POKER LEAGUE in New Mexico!!!! GOOD LUCK at the Monthly Tournament and don't forget to ..."GO ALL IN!"

*Trips may include travel, lodging and a WSOP Circuit Event Buy In. Some restrictions apply.

The Poker Pub of New Mexico would like to thank all of the players and new friends of the poker pub for showing your support at Opening Night for our newest venue Shooters Bar & Grill (Formerly The Main Event)



Shooters Bar & Grill (Formerly The Main Event) located at 3230 Coors Blvd. will begin hosting tournaments at 7pm and 9:30pm Every Monday beginning Monday January 12th 2015.

We will be awarding double points for every Tournament hosted at Shooters Bar & Grill from Monday January 12th 2015 through Monday February 23rd 2015!

As always, thanks for playing with The Poker Pub of ABQ and we will see you at the tables!!! 

We will be awarding double points for every tournament hosted at Ned's Bar and Grill from Saturday January 17th 2015 through Saturday February 28th 2015! 

We are pleased to announce that the Effingbar will begin hosting games every Wednesday at 7pm and 9:30pm beginning January 14th 2015. In addition to adding Wednesday games, Effingbar will also be switching from hosting games on Mondays to hosting games every Tuesday at 7pm and 9:30pm beginning Tuesday January 13th 2015.

We will also be awarding Double points for every Tuesday and Wednesday tournaments hosted at Effingbar from January 12th 2015 through February 17th 2015!

PLEASE NOTE: Effective imnediately we are SUSPENDING ALL Sunday games at Malarky's and CANCELLING ALL Wednesday games at Malarky's until further notice. Stay tuned to the website for updates.

For the Month of January Starting Monday the 12th At  Shooters Bar & Grill Read this CODE and GET STACKED! for the Tournament. This code is redemable for one nightly tournament only so check out your compitition and use it wisley! 
Congratulations! to Gene Lassiter for taking Home the
victory at the first tournament of 2015 January 1st at:

Gecko's Bar & Tapas (Academy Location) 

Gene secured his Seat in the 2016 National Tournament of Champions in Las
Vegas, NV
and it didn’t even take him a day!

As always, thank you to ALL of our
LOYAL VENUES and LOYAL PLAYERS for continuing to support The Poker Pub of
New Mexico! YOUR PREMIER FREE Poker League!

The TOP 5
 from each of these Monthly Point Leaders Tournaments also
earned their seats at Nationals in VEGAS! We have started the new Tournament
Series so join us and earn YOUR seat at The Poker Pub National Tournament of

December 27th Monthly
Tournament Final Table Results:

WINNER ~ Joe Wetherbe = Seat in Nationals!
2nd Place ~ Ian Van Hecke = Seat in Nationals!
3rd Place ~ Charles Hollis  = Seat in Nationals!
4th Place ~ Brenda “The Bank” Batt = Seat in Nationals!
5th Place ~ Gene Lassiter = Seat in Nationals!
6th Place ~ Denice Tally
7th Place ~ Wes Henderson
8th Place ~ Robert Bigsby
9th Place ~ Anthony Trujillo

The Bubble ~ Nathan Simmons 

Thank you to everyone that qualified and participated in this special event! We would also like to
thank: Effingbar & Grill For Hosting this tournament!
Thank you to ALL of our LOYAL VENUES and LOYAL PLAYERS for continuing to support The Poker Pub of New Mexico!
Come out and earn your points EVERY MONTH and participate in our exclusive Monthly Point Leaders Tournaments and earn YOUR seats at Nationals! GOOD LUCK! See you at the tables and don't forget to ...


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