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Players will be awarded extra starting chips at the Monthly Tournaments based on the number of points earned for the month!




0-249 Points = 0 extra chips
250-499 Points = 500 extra chips
500-749 Points = 1000 extra chips
750-999 Points = 2000 extra chips
1000-1249 Points = 3000 extra chips
1250-1499 Points = 4000 extra chips
1500-1599 Points = 5000 extra chips
Once a player reaches 1600 Points they will receive 500 extra chips for every 100 Points earned!

In addition to the extra starting chips EVERY PLAYER will receive 1 chip for every point earned (rounded up to the nearest 25) For example: If you have 1840 Points for the month you will get 6500 extra chips for your Bonus Level Points and 1850 extra chips for your points! The original starting stack (before bonus chips) at the monthly tournaments will be 8000 chips.


PLEASE NOTE: There are NO games at Elliott's tonight.  Join us at Gecko's (5801 Academy Rd NE) at 7 & 10PM or Los Ojos Saloon (Hwy 4 Jemez Springs) at 7:30PM.

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