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We will be awarding DOUBLE POINTS at Sneakerz tonight!  The TOP 2 Players at each Certificate table will also receive GOLDEN TICKETS!  The Golden Tickets will get you entry into our exclusive Qualifier Tournament in August where the TOP Players will be invited to Arizona to play for a share of $6000.00!!! You will receive extra starting chips for each additional Golden Ticket that you earn!!

Congratulations to the TOP Players and the Satellite WINNERS from The Poker Pub of Albuquerque National Tournament Qualifier!  The following players will represent Albuquerque at Nationals on June 29th in Las Vegas!!!

1st place = Kevin Michaels
2nd place = Daniel Andrews
3rd place = Stephen Phillips
4th place = Nick Pino
5th place = Michael Morehead
6th place = Sherri Ranck
7th place = Karen West
8th place = Jason Schupp
9th place = Diane Hooper
10th place = Minnie Chase
11th place = Rodger Crabtree
12th place = James Madden
13th place Mike Madden

Satellite Winners
Blake French
Nathan Simmons
Justin DuBois
Mario Sisneros
Joe Brooks

GOOD LUCK to all of you in Vegas and ..."May all your cards be live!"

We want to thank everyone that participated in this special event for supporting the venue!  We would also like to thank Malarky's for hosting this event! 

Malarky's (25 Hotel Circle NE) EVERY SUNDAY at 5PM and EVERY WEDNESDAY at 7PM!
Dragonhorn Tavern (2906 Juan Tabo Blvd NE) EVERY MONDAY at 7PM!
Effingbar & Grill (5300 Sequoia Rd NW) EVERY MONDAY at 7PM!
(4100 San Mateo Blvd NE) EVERY TUESDAY at 7PM!
Gecko's Bar & Tapas
(5801 Academy Rd NE) EVERY THURSDAY at 7PM!
(10200 Corrales Rd NW) EVERY THURSDAY at 7PM! (starting June 9th, 2011)


We would like to thank these venues for hosting our games!  We would also like to thank all of our players for patronizing these venues while playing "NO ENTRY FEE ~ NO LIMIT TEXAS HOLD'EM" with The Poker Pub of New Mexico!  See you at the tables!

   We are pleased to announce that B4 The River Poker League has joined The Poker Pub, Inc.  We will be bringing a lot of excitement along with GREAT NEW PROMOTIONS including the chance to earn more seats in the WSOP, our Semi-Annual events and The Poker Pub National Tournament of Champions! 

Have a Happy and SAFE 4th of July!

See you Tuesday at Bubba's and Ten Pins. 

Monday Night Super Deep Stack at 7:00pm at Firkins Brewhouse located at 3351 B Columbia Dr NE , Albuquerque NM 87107!!!

Visit Firkin Brewhouse

All 7:00pm Monday games at Firkins Brewhouse will be "Super Deep Stack" tournaments and we will also be hosting a "mini" tournament for all players who get knocked out of the "Super Deep stack" tournament! 

Firkins Brewhouse is located in what is known as "The Brewery District" and has a 1920s Prohibition-era Theme complete with a "Hidden Passageway" which seperates the Tap Room from the Nanobrewery!

Firkins Brewhouse has Seven of thier own Handcrafted beers on Tap and serves delicious Gourmet Sandwiches, Soups and Brats!

R.D.K, The "Real Deal Kiel", will be your Tournament Director!!!  



Players will be awarded extra starting chips at the Monthly Tournaments based on the number of points earned for the month!




0-249 Points = 0 extra chips
250-499 Points = 500 extra chips
500-749 Points = 1000 extra chips
750-999 Points = 2000 extra chips
1000-1249 Points = 3000 extra chips
1250-1499 Points = 4000 extra chips
1500-1599 Points = 5000 extra chips
Once a player reaches 1600 Points they will receive 500 extra chips for every 100 Points earned!

In addition to the extra starting chips EVERY PLAYER will receive 1 chip for every point earned (rounded up to the nearest 25) For example: If you have 1840 Points for the month you will get 6500 extra chips for your Bonus Level Points and 1850 extra chips for your points! The original starting stack (before bonus chips) at the monthly tournaments will be 8000 chips.


PLEASE NOTE: There are NO games at Elliott's tonight.  Join us at Gecko's (5801 Academy Rd NE) at 7 & 10PM or Los Ojos Saloon (Hwy 4 Jemez Springs) at 7:30PM.

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